“I'm not a shopaholic, I am simply recycling and helping the economy"



Originally from England, the owner has always had a keen and creative eye for fashion, colour, design and, equally as important, sustainability!  Not only does selling and shopping with Downton Exchange reduce waste, you may be able to create a new wardrobe of high-quality pieces with lower prices.  This translates into a win/win for all!  Our wish is for you to find a new happy home for your pre-loved clothing and accessories.

Located in the heart of downtown Southborough, MA, Downton Exchange has ample parking and flexible hours.  We are excited to see you in the shop to browse, buy that high end handbag you’ve been looking for, that top you can’t find or maybe even a gift created by one of our local artisans.


If you love magic, and who doesn’t…come in and let your treasure hunt begin.




During the continued COVID restricted times, Downton Exchange will follow all local government advice.  Each visitor will be required to wear a mask in the store, social distancing should be observed and the fitting room will be closed until further notice.  Purchases made may be refunded in full within 24 hours providing they are returned to the shop with their original purchase tags attached.


Please note our hours will be posted on the website each Sunday evening for the upcoming week (please check on the Home page).