Downton Exchange Store Policies and Conditions

Store intakes are as follows:

  • Spring: February– April

  • Summer: May - July

  • Autumn: September - November

  • Winter:  November - January

Items can be dropped off by appointment only.  We will not go through the items when you drop them off.  After we have determined which items are the best fit for Downton Exchange (DE) we will contact you to let you know that your "no thank you" items are ready for collection.  Such items need to be picked up within 48 hours of us notifying you.    If you request us to donate your “no thank you” items, please inform us at your drop off appointment.  Please do not take offense if we do not choose items you bring in.  We are guided by our clients, inventory in the shop (space is limited) and change in seasons. 

Please make sure all clothing is laundered and clean, without odors such as perfume, smoke, etc., free of holes, pilling, stains, missing buttons, and broken zippers.

Articles not sold after 90 days should be collected by you within seven days.  It is your responsibility to come to the shop and collect the items.  If you fail to do so, they will automatically become the property of Downton Exchange and can be sold by us or donated.  Please call within 24 hours of your planned arrival to pick up your unsold items. 

Depending on the item, commissions to the consignor will generally receive 40% of the selling price.   For higher ticket items commissions can be negotiated.  You will be issued a check for funds from the sale of your articles.  Please arrange to pick up the check.


Downton Exchange will receive the tax write-off for any items left at the shop.​

Please sign the attached form to acknowledge you understand and agree to our store policies and conditions.

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